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Sunday, Jul 25, 2021  

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There are approximately 3 miles of access to private fishing and because the river is small and fairly shallow it is easy to fish from the banks without waders.

The accommodations at Aspen Ridge are rustic for sure. If you are looking for a fancy lodge, gourmet food and goose down pillows then I'd be happy to suggest a number of alternatives.

However, if you want an awesome fishing experience and a warm, comfortable tipi to sleep in then come to Aspen Ridge.

I cook all the meals and although they aren't fancy it is home-cooked ranch fare and I've noticed I never have left-overs. Actually several guests have said they'd come back even if the fishing was lousy just for another slice of my corn bread.

You can enjoy a wonderful outdoor solar shower or take a dip in the river. There are two outhouses and solar lanterns light the tipis.

So if you are looking to experience the hatch of a lifetime, a unique fishing experience in the wilderness and the relaxing quiet and beauty of Yamsi Valley then come on down to Aspen Ridge Ranch.

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