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Thursday, Jun 17, 2021  

The Story of Aspen Ridge Ranch

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Aspen Ridge Ranch is located on the Upper Williamson River and offers some of the best fly fishing in the country. Although the fishing is good throughout the season I only offer fishing excursions in May and June when the fishing is world-class.

I purchased the land that is now Aspen Ridge back in 1990 intending to use it as a weekend escape from my harried urban life. Soon, however, I left the wilds of Los Angeles to move back to Oregon, to the serene wilderness of the Yamsi Valley which is located about 80 miles north of Klamath Falls and 30 miles due east of Crater Lake National Park.

I own several hundred acres of ponderosa pine covered hills flanking the valley through which the upper Williamson flows.

Aspen Ridge is nestled between Yamsi mountain, which rises in the east to a height of 8,200 feet, and Wild Horse Ridge forms the western boundary.

The Upper Williamson River, with its headwaters about 20 miles south of me, bisects my property. A few miles north of Aspen Ridge the gently meandering river turns west, then south and empties into the Klamath Marsh.

The marsh is now a wildlife refuge and one of the best birding areas in North America. Its warm water and tulles create a perfect habitat for bass but not trout.

There is only a seasonal outlet from the Marsh which, when if flows, passes through a steep volcanic canyon studded with impressive waterfalls. Eventually several springs and creeks flow into this gorge and it becomes the Williamson river, a well known fishing destination in its own right.

How then, you might wonder, did fish ever get through this canyon of obstacles, through the bath-like waters of the Marsh and into the upper reaches of this river? The answer is. . . they didn't.

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