The Aspen Ridge Ranch Newsletter
Winter, 2006
In this issue:
- Weather and Water Update
- New Openings for the Weekend of June 2-4
- Mess Hall News
- Flies For Sale

Weather and Water Update
It's been another remarkable winter for weather in the Northwest. But this time the story is not a lack of precipitation but an abundance of it. As of the end of January it's been raining and snowing almost constantly for the last couple months and there's no end in sight. All of Oregon has received above-average precipitation but the area of the state with the highest snowpack percentages is right here in the Klamath Basin.

The snow-water equivalent in our area, measured at nearby Talyor Butte, is currently at 230% of average for this date. This means plenty of water for the Yamsi Valley this coming spring and summer. Here at Aspen Ridge, that means lots of bugs and lots of fish. We all know Mother Nature gives no guarantees, but as of now it's looking really good. Bring it on!

To track the progress of the snowpack here, you can go to Scroll down to Klamath County and find Taylor Butte. The fourth column of numbers is the snow-water equivalent, expressed as percentage of average for the date.

Driving in, mid-January

Ice fishing anyone?
New Openings for the Weekend of June 2-4

Due to cancellations there are now 6 slots open for the weekend of June 2-4. The early-season weekends are often the best of the year, as the fish are hungry and the flies aren't quite so thick.

It's first-come first-served, so if you want a shot at these slots, email us at or call us at (541)318-6288.

Here's our schedule for the 2006 season, as of 1/31/06:

Dates Available Slots
May 26 - 28 0
June 2 - 4 6
June 9 - 11 0
June 16 - 18 8
June 23 - 25 0
Mess Hall News

We're planning to build a bigger and better mess hall in time for this summer's fishing season. The old one has been getting pretty cramped on the full weekends so we're planning to build a new screened-in structure that will bigger and will come with the added bonus of a better view. To the right is a picture of Dawn's outdoor office, to illustrate the type of structure we have in mind.

Also, we got a few requests last year for a hot breakfast. Must have had some especially cold mornings. Due to the rustic nature of our facilities it's difficult to keep hot food hot, and with guests rising anywhere from 5 a.m. to noon, it just isn't practical. So we've always done the "continental breakfast" where people can show up and help themselves at whatever time they please.

This year we're thinking of trying something new and we'd like to get our guests' opinions on it. Option #1 is to stick with the continental breakfast available from 6-11 a.m. Option #2 is a hot breakfast served at 8 a.m. -- be there or be square. Which would you prefer? If anyone would like to weigh in just reply to this email with your answer. Of course the coffee will always be fresh and hot either way!

Flies For Sale

We're going to try a new source of flies this year for ourselves and our guests. Dick Winters is a flyfisherman and fly tyer from nearby Klamath Falls whose patterns have been favorites of area fishers for years. A couple of our more regular guests here at Aspen Ridge have been using them exclusively and swear by them. We're planning to have plenty on hand and available for our guests to purchase this June. We know how difficult it is to find good patterns for our flies, especially for people coming from other areas. This should help.

We'll be posting descriptions and photos of the patterns on the Flies page of our website in the coming days.

Well that's it for now. We're enjoying the snow but looking forward to the spring melt and the return of those pesky black drakes, the feisty redband trout, and our fun-loving guests!

Dawn & Bob